Christian Education

Sequence One
BIB1033 Life of Christ 3
GUO1002 Orientation to Global University Learning 2
LIT1213 Old Testament Literature: His Story (LC) 3
MIN1103 Great Commission Strategies 3
THE1013 Pneumatology 3
General Elective Credits 2
Total 16
Sequence Two
BIB1073 Paul’s Salvation Letters: Galatians and Romans 3
LIT1303 New Testament Literature (LC) 3
HIS2503 Civilization Past and Present I 3
HIS2603 Civilization Past and Present II 3
EDU3113 Competency and Proficiency in Teaching 3
General Elective Credits 3
Total 15
Sequence Three
BIB2033 A Study in the Book of Hebrews 3
BIB2042 Principles of Biblical Interpretation 2
HIS2203 The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation (HF) 2
HIS2302 The Church: From the Reformation Through the 20th Century (HF) 2
MIN2013 Human Relations 3
MIN3013 Introduction to Church Music 3
THE2023 Soteriology 3
Total 16
Sequence Four
BIB3013 Genesis 3
EDU3103 Principles of Teaching (SB) 3
EDU3213 Foundations of Educational Psychology (SB) 3
MIN3042 Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages 2
THE3013 Apologetics 3
MIN3063 The Church’s Educa­tional Task 3
Total 17
Sequence Five
LDR3013 Guidelines for Leadership (SB) 3
COM3103 Cross-Cultural Communications (SB) 3
MIS2063 Marriage Counseling: A Cross-Cultural Approach 3
MIS3033 Bible and Missions 3
MIS3022 Introduction to Islam 2
BIB4053 Corinthians 3
Total 17
Sequence Six
BIB4133 Wisdom Literature 3
EDU4133 Christian Adult Education in Cultural Context 3
EDU3613 Instructional Media 3
MIS4956 Thesis 6
Total 15
Total for program 96