Bible and theology

BIB1033 Life of Christ 3
BIB1053 Acts 3
BIB2043 Principles of Biblical Interpretation 3
Bible Elective Courses 6
Total: 15
THE1013 Pneumatology 3
THE1032 God and Angels 2
THE1043 Man and Sin 3
THE2013 The Bible and the Church 3
Theology Elective Courses 5
Total: 16
Church Ministries
MIN1012 Evangelism Today 2
MIN1052 The Work of the Pastor 2
MIN3042 Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages 2
MIS1012 Introduction to Assemblies of God Missions 2
MIS3022 Introduction to Islam 2
Total: 10
Core Education
HIS3123 Assemblies of God History, Missions, and Governance (HF) 3
LIT1213 Old Testament Literature: His Story (LC) 3
LIT1303 New Testament Literature (LC) 3
Total: 9
Total for Program: 50

Note: This program requires the student to complete a Bible
and Theology Pretest and a Bible and Theology Post-Test.
The pretest will be completed before the student enrolls in
the first course. The post-test will be completed when the
student has fulfilled the course requirements for the program
or is within 6 credits of completion. There is no cost for
these assessments.