HIS3303 History of Assemblies of God Missions (HF)

This course presents a study of the history and development of Assemblies of God missions in the wider context of the modern (nineteenth- and twentieth-century) missions movement. Attention is given to the biblical and theological basis for missions, the call and qualifications for missionary work, and the indigenous principle that guides the home and foreign missions enterprises of the Assemblies of God. (HIS3123 AG History, Missions, and Governance and MIS1012/3 Introduction to Assemblies of God Missions both parallel this course. Students may enroll in only one of these three courses.)
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
Materials required:
SG: History of Assemblies of God Missions by Daniel McNew
Textbook: This Gospel Shall Be Preached (Volumes 1 and 2) (2nd ed.) by Gary B. McGee
New International Version of the Bible