HIS1023 Civilization Past and Present II

HIS1023 Civilization Past and Present II (HF)

(3 credits)

This course continues the study of world civilization from the time of the French political revolution and the Copernican scientific revolution. Consideration is given to the rise of eastern and western states and the development of modern nations. The student will witness early attempts to establish democratic governments and the formation of the bipolar world that has continued through the twentieth century. Global issues include slavery, gender, world war, and international law. The course concludes with a review of world governance.
Prerequisites or sequence recommendation:
Materials required:
SG: Civilization Past and Present II by J. Calvin Holsinger
Textbook (by the same title): Civilization Past and Present (12th ed.) by Palmira Brummett, Robert R. Edgar, Neil J. Hackett, George F. Jewsbury, and Barbara Molony