COM3103 Cross-Cultural Communications (SB)

How do cultural differences affect the way people interact? How might one improve his or her communication skills in a shrinking world? Cross-Cultural Communications attempts to help the student discover answers to these current problems. Perhaps the most important aspect of this course relates to the word mission. The course is dedicated to helping the student become a sent one to present Christ and His kingdom in an environment other than his or her own. To do this, the course addresses how communication and culture relate, how to reach people where they are, how different people think and express ideas across cultures and subcultures, and how the thoughts and expressions of people affect their behavior.
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
SOC2012/3 Introduction to Sociology
Materials required:
SG: Cross-Cultural Communications by Delbert H. Tarr
Textbook: Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally (2nd ed.) by
David J. Hesselgrave
New International Version of the Bible

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