MIN3013 Introduction to Church Music

Music is one of the methods effectively used in the world today to spread the gospel. David sang before the Lord. Paul the apostle wrote that the church should always come together with a psalm or a hymn. Music itself can move the most calloused person, and it can be instrumental in leading people to the Lord. Introduction to Church Music deals specifically with music in church services, in evangelism, in cross-cultural ministry, and as an adjunct to Christian education. This course is profitable for the Christian who plans to lead the local church in the field of music. A set of audiocassette tapes integrates the theoretical with the practical.
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
MUS1012 Fundamentals of Music
Materials required:
SG: Introduction to Church Music by Joseph M. Nicholson Audiotape: Introduction to Church Music
Textbook: An Introduction to Church Music by John Wilson
New International Version of the Bible