BIB4072 Daniel and Revelation

Daniel and Revelation is a study of biblical prophecy that concerns end-time events. The course covers passages of other Old and New Testament books in addition to Daniel and Revelation when such passages help promote a better understanding of biblical prophecy. The unit titles point out the progression of events during the end time. In the final unit, biblical prophecy moves beyond time into eternity. Christ’s second coming is the central theme of the course. The authors also emphasize that the student be ready for Jesus’ coming and encourage others to prepare for His coming (1 John 3:3). (This course has replaced BIB4083 Revelation.)
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
LIT1212/3 Old Testament Literature: His Story
LIT1303 New Testament Literature
BIB2042/3 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Materials required:
IST: Daniel and Revelation by George W. Westlake and David
D. Duncan
New International Version of the Bible