BIB3073 The Book of Acts

The author of the IST, The Book of Acts, states that the approach of this course is unapologetically Protestant, evangelical, conservative, and Pentecostal. It is an expansive study with eighteen lessons and is available only in a threecredit format. Completing the regular components with a project and exam plus writing an approximately 3,000– word collateral writing assignment will yield three credits from this stimulating study of Acts. You will know and be able to defend the evidences for the traditional dating and authorship of Acts as well as explain why these are important to the book’s historical reliability and spiritual authority. You will gain a new appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit and the foundations from which Pentecostal theology and practice have developed. Your relationship with Christ and your determination to be involved in building God’s kingdom will be enhanced. (BIB1053 Acts parallels this course. Students may enroll in either course, but not both.)
Prerequisite or sequence recommendations:
LIT1303 New Testament Literature
BIB2042/3 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Materials required:
IST: The Book of Acts by Wave Nunnally
New International Version of the Bible