BIB3033 Old Testament Historical Books

This interpretive survey covers the historical books of the Old Testament—the books of Joshua through Esther. They deal with the period of about 1,000 years from the entrance of the nation of Israel into the Promised Land until its return after the Exile. The course especially emphasizes Israel’smessianic mission first described in God’s covenant with Abraham, father of the Hebrew nation. It examines the background, structure, and content of each book to provide an understanding of the times and their relationship to God’s purpose in redeeming the world through Jesus Christ.
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
LIT1212/3 Old Testament Literature: His Story
BIB2042/3 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Materials required:
SG: Old Testament Historical Books by Amos D. Millard
Textbook: The Historical Books (2nd ed.) by L. Thomas
New International Version of the Bible