BIB1043 Gospel of John

BIB1043 The Gospel of John (3 credits)

In The Gospel of John, the author examines the life, character, and ministry of Jesus Christ. This examination includes not only the historical context but also the divine perspective presented by John the Evangelist. The study of this course increases the student’s under­standing of John’s Gospel and aids him or her in its interpretation. The Study Guide correlates closely with the analytical presentation of John given by Merrill C. Tenney in the course textbook.
Prerequisite or sequence recommendation:
LIT1303 New Testament Literature
BIB2042/3 Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Materials required:
SG: The Gospel of John by Peter Kuzmic
Textbook: John: The Gospel of Belief (3rd ed.) by Merrill Tenney
New International Version of the Bible